Domain name meanings

This article is about the personal meaning of and

The way I think of it is that when something is lost, it’s found in the last place a person looks. I figured that “a missing link” could represent a website that someone hasn’t visited yet. There’s a certain feeling a person can experience when they stumble upon a link to something, click on it, and end up appreciating whatever it was they found. I had hoped people would experience that feeling when they discovered this website, and I still do.

What is the meaning of “anthesis?”

It refers to the period when a flower is fully open and functioning, or the beginning of that period. Another way to express it is by saying “blossoming” or “blooming.”

As a metaphor, it holds significance for me because I have been searching for my path for a long time. In the past, I felt as though there was a lack of brightness in my life. Fortunately, these days I have more of what is necessary to grow.

In my opinion, blossoming does not mean that the difficult aspects of life disappear permanently. Sometimes it still seems like there is not enough light, and storms still rage from time to time. These things arrive, stay for a while, and eventually fade away.

What I believe instead is this: to flourish is to understand that nothing is permanent and to embrace these challenges for what they truly are, rather than avoiding or trying to control them. If we only had clear, sunny days, there would be no rain, and consequently, no growth—essentially, no anthesis.