Domain name meanings

This article is about the personal meaning of and

The way I thought of it is that something that has gone missing is found in the last place a person looks (but it is better not to give this as advice to someone who is looking for something they misplaced). I figured that “a missing link” could represent a website that someone has not visited. There is a feeling a person can get when they come across a link to something, then click on it and end up appreciating whatever it was they found. I hoped people would get that feeling when they discovered this website, and I still do.

What does “anthesis” mean?

It refers to that period of time where a flower is fully open and functional, or the onset of that period. Another way to put it is “blossoming” or “blooming.”

Anthesis as a metaphor means something to me because I have been trying to find my way for quite a while. Many parts of my life have been without much sunshine, and without much faith that I would ever be enough, and with relentless weather that threatened to sever my roots. I treasure the moments when there is enough of what is needed to grow: light, space, and water; air, nutrients, and time.

In my eyes, blossoming does not mean the difficult parts of life go away forever. Days still pass without much light. Storms still roll in, along with lightning and the thunder that follows it. These things come, they stay a while, and then they go.

What I believe instead is this: to blossom is to know that nothing is permanent and to accept these struggles for what they are, instead of avoiding them or attempting to control them. If there were only clear, sunny days, then there would be no rain, and so there would be no growth—no anthesis.